EU CONVINCE – Inclusive schools

The European Trade Union Committee for Education (ETUCE) is leading project on education and democratic citizenship: EU CONVINCE. COFACE Families Europe is associate partner of this project, which is covering various topics including:

  • Civic education and democratic-school culture;
  • Teaching in multicultural learning contexts for intercultural dialogue;
  • Teaching controversial and sensitive issues;
  • E-safety issues: Misinformation, digital responsibility and ICT critical-thinking;
  • School-leadership and ‘the whole school approach’;
  • Inclusive education as a tool to prevent violent radicalisation and extremism.

This project is a cross-country partnership which is carrying out a mix of research and trainings, including teacher training support and advice on successful and innovative approaches and methods on citizenship and human rights education.

Some results of the project so far include:

A closing conference will be held in Warsaw on 14-15th November to present the project results.
More about the project here.

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