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Taste of love: using food to build healthy and sustainable communities


Tuesday 16th November 2021, 9.30-11.00 CET


By Emese Dömösi, president of Mother Nature association, vice-president of NOE-Makó, mother of 3 and committed to run ecological sustainability programs in the community

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Sustainability, upcycling, circular economy are all buzz words used by many but practiced in an authentic way by few. NOE, as the largest community of families in Hungary, has a project by the name „Taste of Love” running for more than a decade, reviving the ancient tradition of preserving food with a little extra. Besides providing healthy, nutritious meals for families from locally grown fruits and vegetables, the act of sharing the preserving machines and the end-products has a strong community building element. NOE donated 50 of such cooking machines just last year for its member associations in the framework of a corporate social responsibility project.

How does the project look like in practice? This information will be shared by our expert, Emese, who will guide you through the process while giving you tips and tricks on community sustainability activities. Her motto is: there is always an option to go for a circular solution instead of a linear one. Unfortunately, we cannot invite you for a tasting but for sure you will gain motivation to try one of the introduced methods at your home community.


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