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Foundation Single Parent Families “Isadora Duncan” and Unión de Asociaciones Familiares (UNAF) join the feminist strike on March 8th in Spain for gender equality

The Foundation Single Parent Families Isadora Duncan and UNAF joined the labour, care and consumption strike convened on the International Women’s Day in Spain to call for equality in the workplace and home, and greater action against gender-based violence. Under the slogan “Without us the world stops”, the strike saw demonstrations in big and small cities across Spain as well as walkouts of up to 24 hours. More than 5 million workers have taken part in Spain’s first nationwide “feminist strike”, according to trade unions.

In its statement, the Foundation Single Parent Families “Isadora Duncan” highlighted sexual discrimination, domestic violence and the gender pay gap.

“Women want to be able to go home alone and without fear. Women want to end the gender pay gap, the glass ceiling, and the precarious and feminised jobs. Women want effective reconciliation for them, but also for men. Women do not want beauty canons that suffocate them, objectify them, humiliate them and submit them to public scrutiny. In short, women want to live in a society with the same rights and obligations for all.”

Read Isadora Duncan’s statement (in Spanish)

The strike also intended to show how much domestic and care work women do on a daily basis, by leaving the tasks to men.

For the Unión de Asociaciones Familiares (UNAF), domestic and care work performed mainly by women should be a shared work between women and men because this unbalanced shared work has an impact on economic and social development. The lack of co-responsibility has direct consequences on women’s working life, placing them at a disadvantage compared to men faced with any job opportunity.

All this, together with the lack of social value of women and their work, flows into all kinds of discrimination in the form of a gender pay gap, lack of opportunities, a glass ceiling, more difficulty in accessing employment, more precariousness and temporary employment, thus hindering or impeding their economic autonomy, with consequences on their future pensions.

“Inequality in the workplace makes poverty and social exclusion have the face of a woman. This is especially true in single-parent families, led by only one woman and representing 10.7% of families in Spain.

UNAF reminds the role that families should play as “schools of equality”. They have a great job to do by “educating our daughters and sons in equality, this is the basis for social transformation”, says UNAF’s President. In addition, UNAF issued demands to political leaders for better public policies aiming to end the existing inequalities between men and women with measures that ensure an equal education, that protect women from gender violence in all its forms, which prevent discrimination at work or in any area of their lives and which guarantee full and effective equality.

Read UNAF’s press release (in Spanish)

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