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Large families in Latvia organise international forum for 100 year anniversary of the country

In the light of the anniversary of Latvian independence (100 years), 2018 was announced the year of the family with the slogan: “Time for children”, and an international forum was organised bringing together experts on family policy from across Europe and beyond.

The decrease in births and the ageing of society are concerns which were addressed at the forum. In the last 15 years the number of Latvians aged below 18 years has decreased by 40%. Knowing that this demographic situation is a challenge for other European countries, the forum advocated for the strengthening of families, the improvement of their quality of life through quality services and support. To this end, they had ministry representatives from different countries (Latvia, Hungary, Sweden, Estonia, Slovenia, Norway, Lithuania, Finland, Czech Republic) to exchange good practice on effective family support systems. They also organised workshops on different topics including: health, worklife balance, financial support and building family-friendly municipalities.

COFACE Families Europe was present at the forum, bringing a European perspective as well as a pluralistic perspective representing the variety of families which exist in Europe today.

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