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Linking research and policy at the University of Utrecht

Liz Gosme, COFACE Director, took part in a lecture at the University of Utrecht in the framework of a course on intergenerational solidarity, with a specific focus on childcare. The following elements were discussed:

  1. The challenges of reviewing family policies to meet new 21st century challenges of families, and the need to take a life-course perspective in policy-making;
  2. The role of childcare in the reconciliation policy mix (Resources, Services, Time);
  3. EU advocacy initiatives including calling for a renewal of the Barcelona targets on childcare;
  4. Recommendations for the delivery of childcare (diversity, affordability, quality, accessibility, inclusiveness..);
  5. Key challenges in childcare (low supply; not enough participation of children from low-income households; culture/ideology creating barriers to access; patchwork childcare, the lacking life-course perspective);
  6. Focus on a specific challenge for the students: how to design childcare services from a two-generation perspective, taking into account both the needs of children and their parents.

This COFACE-Utrecht University partnership supported students in understanding the importance of making the link between research theory and practice/policies in the real world, with groups of students proposing different policy solutions. All posters were assessed and are now in the COFACE office for inspiration.

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