NGOs condemn ruling against student with disabilities by European Court of Human Rights

On 25 June the European Court of Human Rights ruled against Ştefan Stoain, a quadriplegic teenager, on a case he and his mother brought against Romania for denial of the right to education.

For years Ştefan Stoain was carried on his mother’s back so he could attend his class on a second-floor classroom. On several occasions Ştefan was refused support by the school to access the bathroom, leaving him soiled and a target to bullying.

Several NGOs condemn this ruling by saying that “the court shows a fundamental misunderstanding of the right of inclusive education and non-discrimination” and find it “deplorable that the Court did not recognise the importance of the case and allocated it to a Committee that does not allow for appeal. It is inadmissible that a case which raised novel issues and attracted numerous third-party interventions received so little scrutiny.”

For more information, read the media release on the case here.


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