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Policy briefs on building sustainable and future-proof education systems.

COFACE Families Europe launched a discussion in October 2018 at its Graz conference “Building sustainable and future-proof education systems: How can families contribute to a paradigm shift?” by exploring education in a holistic way and bringing the family perspective to debates on education, including the core values of COFACE Families Europe: social inclusion, equal opportunities, solidarity, empowerment, human rights and non-discrimination. As a result of the conference workshops and discussions (the presentations can be found online), we produced a series of short briefs summarising some of the emerging trends and challenges. The policy briefs focus on the following topics:

  • Parental support services to address discrimination: how can education contribute to building inclusive societies?
  • Childcare in the 21st century: at a crossroads between education, family and social policy?
  • Inclusive education from right to reality: is legislation enough to empower families?
  • The transformative power of digitalization in schools: where to draw the line?

They can be found on our website here.

Please do share these widely, and work with us in the future to build sustainable education systems. The next big opportunity to continue the discussion together will be in Helsinki on 3-4th October 2019 at our conference on child health and well-being, under the Finnish presidency of the EU. Save the date!

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