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“Live Without Bullying” platform extends to sports field

For the development of synergies and actions in the field of sports, with the aim of preventing and dealing with the phenomena of school violence, bullying in the physical and cyber environment, xenophobia, racism, hooliganism and homophobia, the Deputy Minister of Culture and Sports of Greece, Lefteris Avgenakis and the General Director of KMOP – Center for Social Action and Innovation, Antonia Torrens (Vice-president of COFACE) signed a so-called “Memorandum of Understanding”. Their common message is no tolerance for bullying in all its forms.

The Memorandum between the Ministry and the KMOP includes the organization of information, education and awareness-raising events on bullying and intra-school violence against children, adolescents and young people, as well as the promotion of children’s good behavior in sports, volunteering and skills training.

KMOP (COFACE Member), which has been operating since 1977, has been implementing the innovative action “Live Without Bullying” (www.livewithoutbullying.com) since 2015, in search of modern ways to directly support children and adolescents with school problems and cyberbullying.

Through the relevant online platform and corresponding mobile application, students (13 to 18 years old), parents and teachers have the opportunity to receive anonymous and free counseling and information services. This is the only corresponding messaging support application in Greece, provided free of charge and has been presented and distinguished internationally as best practice.

With the Memorandum of Understanding this programme has now been extended to the field of sports, as:

  • It is possible to provide free sports facilities – facilities under the jurisdiction of the GGA (General Secretariat for Sports) for the implementation of joint awareness actions under the “Live Without Bullying” programme,
  • It is possible to distribute and post information material of the programme “Live Without Bullying” in specific points of view that have the sports facilities that fall under the jurisdiction of the GGA (General Secretariat for Sports),
  • The actions of raising awareness and informing the children about the value and importance of sports will be organised jointly with the programme “Live Sports” of the Ministry of Sports, which in any case is active

For further information, see here. (in Greek)

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