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Safer Internet Forum 2020: Deep dive on inclusive education

The Safer Internet Forum took place in November, gathering 500+ participant from Europe and beyond, and of all ages. In this context, COFACE was invited to host a 90-minute deep dive on inclusive education with a range of perspectives: policy, student, parent, teacher. You can watch the deep dive and other great sessions of the forum here.

Inclusive education is driven by the UNCRPD promoting the rights of students with disabilities, but their principles can benefit all excluded groups.  Following the organization of a back-to-school webinar on inclusive education in September 2020, COFACE is keen to build partnerships with the EU institutions, national governments, social partners and civil society, teachers, parents and students to make inclusive education a reality in Europe and its Member States.

For over two decades, the European Union has played an important role in promoting a safer and better internet through a range of legal measures, funding programmes and self-regulatory initiatives. There are huge benefits to be gained from being online and the European Commission’s digital strategy is seeking to ensure that everyone is able to contribute to, and benefit from, the digital economy and society. The COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced the view that digital technology can empower children and young people to find information, communicate, socialise, learn and play, often in ways that are not possible to the same extent in their non-digital lives. Yet there is growing awareness and concern that online tools and services are often not designed with the best interests of children and young people in mind, and those with diverse disabilities can be especially impacted.

Aims of the deep dive include:
-To provide information about the UNCRPD article 24 (clarification of definitions, key references and policy frameworks)
-To present the recommendations of COFACE to achieve inclusive education
-Hear testimonies from key stakeholders about challenges and successes in making inclusive education a reality
-Build new and lasting connections with key partners to continue driving the shift towards meaningful inclusive education in Europe
-Discuss the potential of using technology in schools to support children and young people with disabilities for a more inclusive online environment and inclusive education


For more information, contact secretariat@coface-eu.org


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