Newsletter April 11

The Annual Convention on Inclusive Growth focus this year on youth and inclusion

This year, the one-day event focused on the social inclusion of young people and the solutions that exist for them to reach their full potential. The plenary debate and the workshops tackled specific issues and led to conclusions and policy recommendations pointing to concrete ways forward. A workshop, moderated by COFACE’s Magdi Birtha, focused on the need to invest in children and break the cycle of disadvantage in order to pave the way for a better future. The challenge of work-life balance for parents was addressed in the discussions, referring to the contribution of the newly proposed EU Work-Life balance package.

In addition, COFACE hosted a side event on its Nutrimedia tool (read more information here) as a reality-check on the impact of food marketing on the health of young people with the participation of local authorities, elected politicians, civil society organisations and the European Commission. This enabled COFACE Families Europe to bring a new and fresh perspective to social policy stakeholders present, making links between social and health policy, and showing the impact of subtle advertising techniques (both in traditional media and online media) on the food choices of children and parents.

All information about the annual convention can be found here

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