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UNAF Spain claims the importance of sexual health education

On the occasion of World Sexual Health Day on September 4, our Spanish member Union de Asociaciones Familiares (UNAF) claims the importance of sexual health education from an approach of diversity, equality and interculturality.

The migrant population in Spain has a great cultural, religious and ideological diversity mix, which represents a challenge in the processes of reception and inclusion in society. For this reason, UNAF promotes the sexual and reproductive health of this population, examining the topic of sexuality from an intercultural perspective, promoting equality between men and women and raising awareness about sexual and reproductive rights as a fundamental part of the human rights.

“Knowing these cultural codes allows us to approach sexuality in a respectful way and, at the same time, overcome stereotypes, break down myths, and clarify doubts. The ultimate aim is to enable people to live their sexuality in a pleasant and safe way, without intimidation, discrimination or violence”, explains UNAF’s President Ascensión Iglesias.

UNAF develops trainings and awareness-raising activities both with migrants and with social, educational and health professionals who care for them. This work is supported by intercultural mediators bringing different cultures closer together and to approaching sexuality issues that are often difficult to address and are filled with taboos.

This work is part of a programme to promote sexual health in the migrant population that UNAF has been developing for ten years thanks to the support of the Ministry of Employment and Social Security and which is part of the whole objective of UNAF: to promote the rights and the welfare of all families.

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