NewsSeptember – Unapei

Unapei’s “Back-to-school” campaign launched to raise awareness of disabilities and inclusion, France

Once again this year, thousands of children with disabilities will not start school like the others. Therefore French organization Unapei started a campaign to denounce the lack of effective access to school for children with disabilities.

The campaign started at the beginning of September with the start of the new school year in France. They hope that the situation of the thousands of pupils with disabilities who will not be able to start school will get more attention and be discussed.

On the eve of the start of the school year, Unapei published an article in the Journal du Dimanche to question members of parliament and senators about the scandal of the thousands of children with disabilities who will not start the school year like other children.

No solution has been found for them, either in the neighbourhood school or in special classes. In its column published on 2 September in the Journal du Dimanche and sent by e-mail to each parliamentarian, Unapei reminds that the school is a right for all children.

Unapei is a long-term member of COFACE. It is the first federation of French associations representing and defending the interests of people with intellectual disabilities and their families. See more information here.

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