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Väestöliitto – 100 years Finnish independence

The publication Finland – 100 Years of Success  presents one hundred Finnish organizations or products in chronological order by year of founding. They are representative of one hundred years of Finland’s independence, pioneers in their field, builders of Finnish culture and education, and companies that do not parade themselves, even though they are very much present in our everyday lives.

Väestöliitto is honoured to be part of this publication and to be considered as a pioneer in the human welfare sector and promoter of human rights. The aim of Vaestoliitto activities is to support the well-being of young people and families and to strengthen parenthood and couple relationships and the diversity of Finnish society. They advocate for a fair society which is favourable to children, young people and families in all their forms. They advocate for good sexual and reproductive health and rights for all and for the respect for diversity in Finland and globally. Their goal is that Finland is a youth and family friendly country that protects human rights. Väestöliitto was founded in 1941.

The publication can be found here. (Väestöliitto on page 66).

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