NewsSeptember  (17)

Workshop on “Affordable and high quality childcare in the EU”

On 9 October, during the European Week of Regions and Cities, the European Commission – DG Justice hosted a workshop on “Affordable and high quality childcare in the EU: adapting to local needs”. Presentations included speakers from different Directorate Generals of the Commission, from employment, to education and agriculture, to highlight the work that the Commission is doing to support childcare across the EU, both as policy-making and as funder. In addition, the Lombardia Region (Italy) and the City of Nantes (France) presented their policies and projects to increase availability and access of quality childcare. Paola Panzeri from the COFACE Secretariat was asked to chair the debate and conclude the workshop. She highlighted how childcare is at a crossroads of a number of policies and how it can serve multiple needs, the ones of parents for work-life balance, of children and their development and of the economy, allowing more parents to work in paid employment.

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