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15th October. Watch live the discussions on work-life balance in Brussels

The European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) will organise a conference to present its 2019 Gender Equality Index. The conference will take place next in the Council building in Brussels on 15th October and provide a forum for around 300 decision-makers and practitioners to discuss the findings of the Gender Equality Index 2019.

The debates will focus on the new scores for gender equality in the EU, look at trends over time and show areas for improvement in the current political context. This year, the Index has a special focus on Work-Life Balance. The conference will explore the diverse ways women and men balance work and personal commitments. Aspects such as parental leave, flexible working arrangements and public infrastructure will be scrutinised and discussed by speakers.

The day will be divided into 4 sessions. Annemie Drieskens, President of COFACE Families Europe, will participate in a panel of the Conference, and so does COFACE’s member NELFA on the topic of parental leave (Session 3).

SESSION 1: Is gender equality in the EU still moving at a snail’s pace?
SESSION 2: Does public infrastructure support work-life balance?
SESSION 3: Parental leave: can everyone benefit?
SESSION 4: Flexible work: helping or hindering gender equality?

You can check out the full programme of the conference here and live stream it on the day here.

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