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A new “Social Fairness” package of proposals is launched

The European Commission announced a new package of measures in the social and employment field. The package consists of the following elements:

  1. A legislative proposal for a new European Labour Authority. The Authority will aim to strengthen fairness and efficiency in the European labour market by facilitating cross-border labour mobility. It aims to complement and facilitate the implementation of ongoing initiatives to ensure fair mobility, including the reform of the Posting of Workers Directive and the modernisation of EU rules for the coordination of social security systems. In accordance with the ordinary legislative procedure, this proposal for a Regulation will now be examined by the European Parliament and the Council. The ambition of the Commission is for the Authority to be up and running in 2019.
  1. A proposal for a Council Recommendation on access to social protection for all workers and self-employed. This initiative aims to support all self-employed and non-standard workers who, due to their contract type or employment status, are not sufficiently protected by social security schemes regarding unemployment, sickness and healthcare, maternity or paternity, accidents at work and occupational diseases, disability and old-age. The initiative addresses gaps in access to social protection faced by people employed on non-standard contracts and in various forms of self-employment as well as the means to make rights transferable and transparent when changing employer, contract type or transitioning from or into self-employment. The Council Recommendation is not a legally binding tool, but the implementation would be supported by EU budgets for social experimentation and benchmarking to help drive reforms at national level in accordance with country specificities. This proposal will now be examined by the Council, which can adopt recommendations on the basis of a Commission proposal in the areas of EU competence.
  1. A Communication on the monitoring of the implementation of the European Pillar of Social Rights. The Communication is accompanied by a supporting document to show initiatives taken in the fields of the 20 Pillar principles. Among the 22 legal acts proposed since November 2014 in the employment and social field, 10 have been adopted and 12 remain to be agreed by the Council and/or the European Parliament. This Communication provides some guidance on the methods used and actions taken to implement the Pillar.
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