MEDIA RELEASE – The March Of The Penguin

Follow the March! 1-8 March “The March of the Penguin” for gender equality

COFACE Families Europe is launching a communication action around the International Women’s Day from March 1st to the 8th. This action, called “The March of the Penguin” aims at highlighting the difficulties faced by women today in relation to their work-life balance. We will release one message per day and, on the International Women’s Day on the 8th of March, we will issue a media release.

Why is this action called “The March of the Penguin”?

  • First of all, the first objective of our campaign is to promote gender equality and, for COFACE Families Europe, the Emperor Penguin is a great natural example of gender equality and sharing of responsibilities in parenting. It also supports the idea to promote the breaking down of stereotypical gender roles, and to ensure true gender equality in both key spheres of life, professional and private.
  • Second, because the second objective of the campaign is to promote a European initiative, the EU work-life balance directive, which strives for greater gender equality on the labour market. Gender equality on the labour market and gender equality in the family go hand in hand.
  • Third, because the “real” march of the penguins -when the Emperor Penguins make a long crossing where the female lays a single egg and transfer it to its partner- occurs in March, around the same period of the celebration of the International Women’s Day on March the 8th. So, we decided to use “The March of the Penguin” as a metaphor to highlight the difficulties faced by women today in relation to their work-life balance.

Day 1: 1st of March

(1) Women are the ones adjusting their working arrangements to care for children, persons with disabilities and the elderly. Where are the men?

Day 2: 2nd of March

(2) Women are more likely to take leaves, work part-time or withdraw from the labour market. It’s time to change old habits!

Day 3: 3rd of March

(3) The lack of childcare forces mothers to stay at home even if they would like to go back to work. We need more services!

Day 4: 4th of March

(4) Work-life balance is essential to promote the employment of women. Let’s make it a reality!

Day 5: 5th of March

(5) Part-time work is not always a choice for women: for many it is the only possibility to have some work-life balance.

Day 6: 6th of March

(6) Have you heard about the “motherhood penalty”? Young women are still discriminated at work because of their potential motherhood.

Day 7: 7th of March

(7) Including women’s needs in all policies is the way to achieve a fair and sustainable economy!

Day 8: 8th of March

(8) The salary of women decreases by 12% approximately after each birth. The gender pay gap widens significantly after each child.


Please feel free to share these messages on Social Media using the hashtags #IwantWorkLifeBalance #IWD2018

READ OUR PRESS RELEASE (8 March, Women’s Day): The new EU Work Life Balance Directive presents solutions to empower women and contribute to gender equality

For more information about the #IwantWorkLifeBalance campaign watch this space or get in touch with us!

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