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Annual review of Employment and Social Developments in Europe 2016

The annual review of Employment and Social Developments in Europe (ESDE) provides analytical support for EU and national policy actions in pursuit of the Europe 2020 employment and social objectives. It considers the latest available data and provides analysis of key employment and social developments and challenges in the EU and its Member States.

The report aims to contribute to the European Semester and new policy initiatives such as the New Skills Agenda, the European Agenda for the Collaborative Economy, the New Start for Social Dialogue, the Action Plan on the Integration of Third-Country Nationals and the development of a European Pillar of Social Rights. This year’s edition contains in-depth analysis of the convergence and divergence in the E(M)U and the role of employment and social policies; the employment dynamics and their social implications; the labour market integration of refugees; the labour market implications of ICT development and digitalisation and Capacity building for social dialogue. To read the ESDE report on social developments click here

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