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ASPE/GR participated in the EESC Civil Society Media Seminar 2018 in Athens, Greece

In view of the European elections in 2019, the European Economic and Social Committee organised in Athens an interesting two-day event entitled: Reasserting Europe’s values – The role of civil society in protecting, promoting and reinforcing our heritage of values. ASPE, the Supreme Confederation of Multi-Child Parents of Greece (www.aspe.gr), a member of COFACE and a member of the National  Committee (Economic and Social Council of Greece – www.oke.gr) participated in this event, and discussed with other participants during the event, about family values as part of the European heritage.

The formal programme was organised around three thematic panels:

  • European values vs extreme ideologies;
  • Is liberal democracy in danger and what does this mean for Europe?
  • The future role of organised civil society in defending a democratic, value-based, united Europe.

The Presidents of EESC and of the National Committee as well as Government officials, media people, and, of course, members of the civil society from most parts of Europe attended the event.
For more information: https://www.eesc.europa.eu/en/agenda/our-events/events/reasserting-europes-values-eesc-civil-society-media-seminar-2018

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