European Capacity Building Seminar On The Seminar Semester

Capacity Building Seminar on the European Semester

The capacity building seminar on the European Semester aimed to bring together the various member organisations of COFACE, EU level stakeholders, and the Belgian and Hungarian civil society organisations. Over the course of the day, participants get a general introduction of the main steps (publication of the Annual Growth Survey, National Reform Programmes, Country Specific Recommendations etc.), involved stakeholders and institutions (governments andministries of the EU28, European Commission, Brussels based permanent representations of the EU28, European Parliament, Social Protection Committeeetc.) of the European Semester cycle. Furthermore, participants get up-datedwith the newest introductions of the Semester such as the specific Country Reports.

The seminar was based on the exchange of the Belgian and Hungarian European Semester cycle through which participants learned about national level priorities, country specific recommendations and the participation and different roles of the involved national ministries. This was complemented by the inputs of two stakeholders group, the European Economic and Social Committee and VLEVA, which is a public-private partnership.

Additionally, concrete ways (practical examples, methods, tools, tips etc.) through which civil society organisations can support and get engaged in the EU semester cycle were explored during the seminar.

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European Semester report

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