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COFACE attends the kick-off meeting of the EUROSHIP project in Oslo

What are the current gaps in social policy across Europe? To answer this question is the objective of the EUROSHIP project. Especially those which focus against poverty and social exclusion. EUROSHIP wants to draft and develop policy recommendations on how to strengthen social citizenship at the national and EU levels. COFACE is participating as a member of the European Stakeholder Committee.

The project will primarily focus on the following points:

  • social protection systems (including minimum income schemes),
  • digitalisation of work and social protection delivery, and
  • the political opportunities for exercising choice and influence by three groups of citizens: youth at risk, precarious workers with care obligations and elderly and disabled people with long-term care needs.

The EUROSHIP Research project is funded by Horizon 2020 and will last three years. The project is coordinated by the Oslo Metropolitan University, under the direction of Professor Rune Halvorsen. The project started last 1st February 2020 with a kick-off meeting last 28 and 29 February in Oslo. Representatives from all the Consortium Member, five out of six members of the European Stakeholder Committee, four out of nine members of the Scientific Advisory Committee, and one policy officer from DG Research and Innovation attended the meeting.

The Oslo Metropolitan University produced a video with statements from the different participants at the conference, where COFACE has the opportunity to give a short statement.

Please, find out more on the EUROSHIP project’s on its website and Twitter account.

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