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COFACE endorses a vision calling on the EU to ensure the rights of all children in migration

On October 30, 2018 COFACE Families Europe endorsed a vision on how to fulfil the rights of children in migration. It is developed by the Initiative for Children in Migration, an informal collaboration among NGOs and IGOs who are involved in coordinated advocacy on EU law and policy impacting children in migration. We know that children in migration experience serious violations of their human rights, therefore, advocacy for their rights across Europe is urgent and challenging. In conjunction with this vision, the European Commission also recently adopted a Communication addressing protection of all children in migration. The endorsed vision outlines what a comprehensive and rights-based approach to all children in migration actually means. “When you think comprehensive, think ‘all:’ all children, all aspects of their situation, all actions, all actors. When you think rights-based, think of obligations to children, not of discretionary welfare interventions”

COFACE supports this holistic approach and joins the movement, calling on the EU and its Member States and stakeholders to ensure the rights of all children in migration are fulfilled. This involves implementing a comprehensive rights-based approach which:

1.    Respects, protects, and fulfills the rights of all children in migration, without any discrimination
2.    Addresses all their rights, and all aspects of their situation
3.    Takes account of children in all actions, throughout policy areas and stages of policy making
4.    Involves all relevant actors working together

Together, with all supporting organizations, we can promote change by bringing together different goals and experiences. Each of our starting points in advocacy are key, each expertise is unique, and are advocacy may targets differ. We can all come together in collaboration to support and protect the rights of children in migration.

In the upcoming weeks, the website for this initiative will be finalized and used as tool/resource to reinforce each other’s advocacy. The website offers the Vision, a Spotlight on the EU, EU Advocacy on Priority Issues, and Support for Actions.Check out the website here:

COFACE calls its members to review and endorse this initiative. A comprehensive and rights-based approach for all children in migration is a comprehensive, rights-based approach for families. We align with a support this initiative and we hope you will too.

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