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COFACE Families Europe Annual Report 2019 is out!

Click here for the full annual report


An annual report is always a good opportunity to reflect about the past and prepare for the future. The 2019 report shows clearly the wide range of expertise of our members and the activities we organised together: a series of successful European events and a conference to celebrate the 30 anniversary of the Universal Declaration of the children Rights “Shaping a healthy environment fit for children”.

The adoption of the Work-Life-Balance Directive with a landslide majority in the European Parliament in April 2019 was our main achievement of the year! For COFACE, after years of hard work together with a broad Alliance of European NGOs, and helped by our Penguins, the adoption of this Directive is a milestone. It is also the first concrete legislative result of the European Pillar of Social Rights.

Going forward we will use our “New Deal for Families of Today” as a compass to bring the European Pillar of Social rights and the “Sustainable Development Goals” to life! Further, our strong gender equality agenda expresses our ambitions and our key priorities for the years to come:

  • Invest in a healthy environment fit for children and guarantee all children the education they need;
  • Invest in the invisible Care work and make it visible as the hidden engine that keeps families, societies and companies going;
  • Transpose the WLB directive into national legislation and focus on family carers, allow women and men to care for their families and better share the care with the ambition to close the “gender care gap”;
  • Advocate for a safer internet for kids and ensure digitalisation serves the general interest of all children and their families;
  • Build an Inclusive society where nobody is left behind.

Time for an economy WHICH CARES ABOUT THE NEEDS OF ALL FAMILIES, at the service of society, an economy that invests in care.

We learned that change only happens when people get involved, get engaged and come together. And after more than 60 years we still believe that it is the beating heart of our organisation.

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