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COFACE Families Europe Annual Report 2020 is out!

Click here for the full annual report


An annual report is always a good opportunity to reflect about the past and prepare for the future. The 2020 report shows clearly the wide range of expertise of our members and the activities we organised together, but also the flexibility, solidarity, creativity and resilience in times of the unprecedented pandemic Covid-19. The COFACE team used the full potential of technologies and brought members together in online breakfast bytes, to meet-connect-support each other and especially support families in need.

More than ever, pluralistic civil society organisations like COFACE have an important role and broad support. We need to keep our network resilient and support each other, share knowledge and together advocate for strong effective family policies to support all families online and offline and use the COFACE 2030 Child Compass to reduce growing inequality between families, and guarantee the well-being of all children and the diversity of families.

Family supports are an essential part of making social rights a reality, and civil society has grown over decades to create a wide range of supports to families and children to ensure health and well-being. Now, more than ever, it is important to connect professionals in real time through transnational exchanges in order to tackle the social impacts of COVID-19 on families and children.

Going forward we believe the European Family Lab can be the place to connect them, serving as an innovation incubator for ideas and cross-country knowledge transfer to help family professionals deliver the best possible supports for Europeans.

We learned that change only happens when people get involved, get engaged and come together. And after more than 60 years we still believe that it is the beating heart of our organisation.

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