COFACE welcomes new member from Bulgaria: Tulip Foundation

A couple of weeks ago, COFACE Families Europe welcomed a new member from Bulgaria – Tulip Foundation. The foundation’s mission is to encourage social responsibility in Bulgarian society and aims to enhance cooperation among civil society, the corporate sector, national and local authorities to improve the quality of life and developmental opportunities. It work

The organisation follows 6 objectives:

  • Raise funds for social investment from individual donors, the business sector and public and private sources
  • Provide financial and technical support to civil society organisations addressing social needs of the community at a national level
  • Contribute to the effectiveness, sustainability and diversity of social programmes in Bulgaria by making targeted grants
  • Serve as a professional vehicle and provide expert advice, consultancy, assessment, monitoring and evaluation of projects and programmes
  • Promote transparency, accountability and professionalism to comply with the highest ethical standards
  • Work in partnership with other civil organisations at national or local level for greater social responsibility and sustainability of the civil sector in Bulgaria.

Their main programmes include the

Power of Family and Community Programme which aims to empower parents, families and communities so that they have the knowledge, the skills and the capacity to protect their children from violence and neglect and to provide them with opportunities for full development good prospects for their future.

Trust in the Family Changes Lives of People: The Family group conference is a way to find solutions to various problems when children, parents, members of the extended family, friends come together to make a plan. It is based on an old traditional and easy to understand concept – the power of the family circle. Tulip Foundation is an active member of the EU FGC network.

Learning and Sharing is a long-term exchange programme for adaptation and introduction of up-to-date models and practices in social work, capacity development of civil organisations and sharing of practical experience from model projects.

Social Impact Analysis group Bulgaria is an initiative of Tulip Foundation established in 2013. It functions as a forum for sharing information and practices in cooperation with the Social Value International .

The Foundation gives three annual awards for civil organisations – the Project of the Year, Voluntary Initiative and Of people and NGOs.

Tulip Foundation runs three national campaigns – Solidarity between Generations, To be a Father and Society of All Ages. Tulip foundation actively promotes volunteering and supports efforts of local volunteers during the Days of Good Deeds in May.

For more on their work, please visit their website:

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