News 03 2026 Eige

EIGE’s expert meeting on Women and Poverty

In the framework of EIGE’s work on good practices, COFACE was invited to participate in the expert stakeholders’ meeting to select a number of practices on “Women and Poverty: Non-monetary measures to tackle women’s poverty and social exclusion”. In particular, COFACE was asked to attend the group focusing on measures to support Roma women and women with a migrant background.

The practices selected represent different experiences in a number of EU Member States and had to respond to a number of criteria and standards in order to be pre-selected. To know more about EIGE’s approach on Good Practice, please click here. The selected practices will be collected in a publication that will accompany a study on non-monetary measures to tackle women’s poverty and social exclusion. The report is still in preparation and will be available in the next months on EIGE’s website:

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