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EP event – Towards a sustainable model for migrant domestic and care work

Domestic and care work are key sectors of labour markets across Europe but they are among the least recognised. Domestic workers, particularly those who are undocumented migrants, often carry out vital jobs without proper pay, holidays or any possibility to report exploitation and abuse. Their status leaves them unable to access the same rights as other workers and leaves them at greater risk of exploitation, violence and abuse. Figures from across Europe show the prevalence of migrants, largely women, in the domestic work and care work sectors, and their particular vulnerability to exploitation.

PICUM, the Platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants, together with EASPD, Eurocarers, UNI Europa and COFACE Families Europe gathered, in a roundtable organised in the European Parliament in October 17th, a group of policymakers, representatives of employers, trade unions and other civil society experts to discuss on how the EU and member states can better regulate the sector to ensure better conditions for all workers.

For COFACE Families Europe, economic migration is not a new phenomenon but little attention is paid to the impact that the migration process of women has on the whole family. Migration, including economic migration of women who leave their family behind and move to become carers in a new country, has huge impact on their family and especially on children left behind. Under the economic pressure, more and more women move to become care workers abroad and become the family breadwinners. We need to think how to support those migrant workers in the EU and consider the consequences of this phenomenon on families.

Read more about this event on PICUM’s website

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