EPSCO Council – 28 Social Affairs Ministers meet in Brussels – Key results

The main results of the meeting are the following:

  • The Council reached an agreement on the posting of workers directive. The new piece of law ensures the rights of posted workers, fair competition and a well-functioning Single Market. Now all three EU institutions (Commission, Council, Parliament) will negotiate the final details of the legislation.
  • The Council reached a partial general approach on the coordination of social security systems regulation. The partial agreement concerns the chapters on access of economically non-active citizens to social assistance and on applicable legislation provisions. This agreement clarifies in which country the person has to pay social security contributions in cross-border employment situations. This will be helpful for people, companies and national administrations.
  • The Council approved the inter-institutional proclamation on the European Pillar of social rights. The Pillar aims at strengthening the social acquis and delivering more effective rights to citizens. The core element of the Pillar is a set of 20 key principles and rights to support fair and well-functioning labour markets and welfare systems. One of the first concrete elements of the pillar is the proposal for an EU Worklife Balance directive.
  • The 2017 Semester comes to an end with the approval of reviews on the employment and the social situation in the EU respectively and the policy developments in the member states in their specific areas. A new 2018 Semester cycle will be launched in November this year.

More here about the outcomes of the EPSCO Council.

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