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Main results of the EPSCO Council on Health issues and the European Semester

The Employment, Social Policy, Health & Consumer Affairs – EPSCO Council – adopted conclusions calling on Member States to tackle childhood obesity by addressing both the lack of physical activity and unhealthy diets. EU countries are invited to promote physical activity in schools and leisure clubs and to reduce the advertising and sponsorship of sugary and fatty foods targeted at children and adolescents.

COFACE Families Europe has developed a tool called NutriMedia to help raise awareness about the impact advertising may have on the eating behaviours of both adults and children. Through a two-hour session targeting teachers and trainers, COFACE provides all the necessary knowledge and tools to organize parent evenings or even school lessons about how advertising can influence eating habits. Read more about our Nutrimedia tool and the impact of food marketing on the health of families.

The Council also held a policy debate on the employment and social policy aspects of the 2017 European Semester exercise. The Ministers know that the European Pillar of Social Rights is a chance to reconnect the EU with its citizens and they agreed together to improve employment and social conditions but having in mind that the process should take into account the different starting points and national circumstances. The main political element is the proposed “interinstitutional proclamation” on the Pillar, which the Commission hopes to sign together with the Parliament and the Council before the end of the year. Find more information about the EPSCO Council here

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