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EU funding to promote Work-life balance for all

The European Structural and Investment Funds, and in particular the European Social Fund, have a crucial role to play in supporting Member-State action. The European Commission has published a selection of best practice examples taken from the 2007-2013 and 2014-2020 programming periods, developed to encourage the exchange of experience, and the implementation of innovative approaches to fostering work-life balance in Member States.

This brochure presents 20 examples of EU-funded projects that have promoted work-life balance in the EU’s Member States. This catalogue of examples, which include testimonials from project representatives and beneficiaries, has been developed to encourage exchanges of experience and the implementation of innovative approaches to fostering work-life balance across Member States.
A key theme of many of the examples relates to gender and the representation of women in the labour market – an issue that goes hand-in-hand with the question of how Member States and businesses promote and facilitate balance between professional and family life for all workers. The selected projects demonstrate a range of approaches and initiatives, all of which bring benefits for citizens, businesses and society as a whole, and contribute to the EU’s priority to promote equal opportunities between men and women.

These are useful inspiration for organisations representing or supporting families in different ways at local level, to understand how the European Social Fund today (and the European Social Fund + from 2021) can boost their work.

See the full brochure here.

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