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European Union Programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EASI) – supporting networks essential to implementation of the Social Pillar

The European Commission published a report this month, presenting examples of EASI-funded projects and organisations dealing with social protection, social inclusion, employment and labour mobility, including a section on the results of COFACE Families Europe actions in 2016 (see pages 67-68 of the report for more information).

Together with other European networks, COFACE Families Europe is funded under the EASI programme to promote transnational exchange, transfer of knowledge and innovation, disseminate information about European Union developments, and to support local and national organisations to get involved shaping EU public policy and have their voices heard at EU level.

The Commission report on the EASI programme features many EU-level organisations which, together with COFACE Families Europe, actively contribute to the goals of the European Pillar of Social Rights. With the recent proclamation of the Pillar in Gothenburg (Sweden) on 17th November, and the need for quick and effective implementation of the 20 Pillar principles, the EASI programme is an essential tool to reinforce Europe’s social dimension now and in the future.

See full report here.

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