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EU Work-life balance directive: Nearly there.

The month of February has seen progress on the Work-Life Balance (WLB) Directive. This Directive is the first proposal that follows the proclamation of the European Pillar of Social Rights in November 2017, which aims to develop a robust social dimension of the EU.

On 24th January, the Council and the European Parliament achieved a provisional agreement on the WLB Directive. This agreement needs now to be legally ratified by the two co-legislators and it is forecast that this should happen in spring 2019.

The Employment Committee of the European Parliament endorsed the Directive by a landslide majority on 26th February. The whole Parliament will afterwards vote on Plenary Session in March or, at latest, at the beginning of April, just before the end of the Parliamentary term. Regarding the Council, the Permanent Representatives adopted the text at the beginning of February and it is likely that the Ministers will ratify it in March.

Once the Council and Parliament have ratified the provisional agreement, the Commission will publish it on the Official Journal of the European Union and Member States will have to transpose it into national law.

The European Parliament published useful documents regarding the WLB Directive, which includes the final version of the WLB Directive in English. You can find it here

For more information, please contact Pascual Martinez, COFACE Policy Officer on gender equality and employment

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