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EU Work-life balance update: Another month of progress

The month of March has seen progress on the Work-Life Balance (WLB) Directive. This Directive is the first proposal that follows the proclamation of the European Pillar of Social Rights in November 2017, which aims to develop a robust social dimension of the EU. COFACE launched last 15th March a thorough assessment of the WLB Directive. The document goes through the new minimum standards on paid family leaves (paternity, parental, carers), considers the employment rights and right to request flexible arrangements which hold potential to change workplace culture, and finally underlines some derogation clauses which require further assessment. The document was shared in COFACE’s webpage as well as in its different social media. Concerning the approval of the Directive by the EU institutions, the European Parliament will vote in its Plenary Session next 4th April.

The Alliance of European NGOs on Work-life balance, led by COFACE, issued an open letter to the EPSCO Council on 11th March urging it to swiftly follow up with enforcement and monitoring the WLB Directive so as to deliver a strong message and demonstrate to all families that the EU works with and for them. We are on standby to kick-off transposition dynamics!

On 8th March for International Women’s Day, COFACE, its penguins and its hashtag #iwantworklifebalance went to the European Parliament and to the European Commission to explain its vision of the WLB Directive and why it very much endorsed the Work-Life balance package proposed by the Commission in 2017. COFACE highlighted too its checklist for the future, to push for upward reforms and had a fruitful exchange with the participants of the two events.

For more information, please contact Pascual Martinez, COFACE Policy and Advocacy Officer pmartinez@coface-eu.org

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