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European Commission reviews country progress in economic and social fields

In March, the European Commission published its annual analysis of the economic and social situation in the Member States, including progress in implementing country-specific recommendations and an assessment of possible macro-economic imbalances. Check out the country-specific reports here.

In addition, the Commission and Council adopted its annual “Joint Employment Report 2018 (JER)” which gives a snapshot of the employment and social situation across the EU, and highlights the extent of reforms carried out nationally in the past year as well as key labour market and social trends. This year, the JER also monitored country performance in relation to the European Pillar of Social Rights through a social scoreboard consisting of 12 headline indicators. The scoreboard includes an indicator on childcare, namely the number of “children aged less than 3 in formal childcare”. The JER 2018 refers to the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia as the lowest performers in terms of the availability of formal childcare, compared to Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Portugal and Sweden as best performers. See a full overview of country performances according to the social scoreboard:

In terms of the next steps in this EU process, the different countries will submit their national reform programmes (annual reports) to the Commission in April, and following this the European Commission will issue country-specific recommendations in May 2018.

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