Social Rights Event

COFACE organises Reflection seminar on the Pillar

EU Seminar: Making the European Pillar of Social Rights a reality for Europe’s families: mind the gap

COFACE Families Europe hopes that the Pillar will be a meaningful process which drives rights-based social policy/service innovation at local level, and also serve as a genuine fundamental rights checklist for developing family-friendly EU policies and laws beyond the social policy field. We are trying to participate actively in shaping the future Pillar. To this end, we started by co-organising a reflection seminar with the European Economic and Social Committee, held in Brussels on 27th September 2016 with a wide-range of speakers providing different perspectives from EU to the local level, including Allan Larsson, Special Adviser to President Juncker on the Pillar, and Tamas Meszerics, Member of European Parliament.

In preparation of the seminar, we developed a Discussion paper: “Laying the foundations for a European Pillar of Social Rights
The first section of the discussion paper focuses on the content of the future Pillar, drawing out the policy principles which in our opinion are most relevant to address the immediate needs of families and challenges related to demographic changes in the last decade. The second section discusses process-related elements of the future Pillar, with a focus on the scope of the Pillar, on ways to make the Pillar relevant at local level, and how to ensure the link with other ongoing EU legislative processes.

See seminar programme, the seminar report report and pictures

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