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European Election Update: Are you ready?

In a not so far future: It is a bright day. From time to time the sun becomes veiled in clouds for a few minutes and then reappears with all its warmth. The smell of flowers and coffee is in the air. The day starts as usual, with some excitement and plans for the new day.

The possibilities to fill the day are limitless, but today is the day which offers one particular occasion. An occasion which only happens every 5 years – It is Election Day! The European Parliament invites all its citizens to cast a vote and indicate the future of the European Union. You are not ready yet? Luckily, there are still a few more weeks to go until the Election Day, so plenty of time to get informed.

Be smart and check out our webpage with all necessarily information on

  1. How the EU works
  2. How the election works
  3. What the EU does for EU

And some open source campaign resources to spread – Join the #AllFamiliesSpeakOut social media movement ahead of the European Parliament elections!

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