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European elections update: spotlight on COFACE members

In 1917, could a Frenchman have imagined to happily work alongside a German?
In 1920, could an Irishman have imagined to sit alongside a British in the same parliament?
In 1943, could an Italian have imagined to kiss a Spaniard in broad daylight?
In 1981, could a Polish have imagined to travel freely to the Netherlands?

We try to imagine our future, but it turns out to be unimaginable. The only thing we can do is shape our future with what history taught us.

Don’t miss out on shaping Europe and go and vote on 23-26 of May!

The last plenary of the European Parliament is over, the Spitzenkandidaten of the European parties have been chosen, the national lists are prepared and the campaigning has started.

Our members have also been very active in informing voters on the elections. Our Belgian organisation Gezinsbond has launched #StemGezin19, a webpage with all necessary information for the Federal and European elections and a comparison of the Belgian parties on family policies. They also sent out their memorandum to all political parties to call for an inclusive and social Europe.

The European organization NELFA has prepared a questionnaire to raise awareness of future European law makers on LGBTIQ* families urgent needs to be addressed, and as second step, to make public by sharing and posting their answers or no-answers, to provide voters with useful information on who is the most in favour or the least in favor of LGBTIQ* families and families to be. More here.

French member Unapei are striving to make the elections open for all people with disabilities. They urge everyone to register on the electoral roll until 16 May 2019 in order to be eligible to vote. Discover tools and information for persons with intellectual disabilities here.

COFACE members have also translated the call to vote in different languages: Czech, Dutch, French, Hungarian, Italian and Spanish. See here and please share the call to vote widely!

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