European toolkits to promote work-life balance and gender equality

I- ETUC’s Toolkit to promote work-life balance

The European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) recently launched the Rebalance Strategy project, which is composed of a report and a toolkit, in order to explain Trade unions’ strategies and good practices to promote work-life balance. This is a useful to help transpose the EU Work-life balance directive.

The report maps good practices on Work-life balance agreements negotiated by social partners in 13 sectors in 10 EU Member States so as to allow for an exchange of potential actions across countries, sectors and companies, and a list of recommendations for the EU institutions, Member States and social partners. The recommendations aim to further improving work-life balance for working parents in the EU.

The toolkit is a useful tool to help unions and activists to work towards higher standards than the Directive sets out. Moreover, the toolkit warns on how to overcome potential obstacles put up by either Member States or businesses.

Both the report and the toolkit are available in 5 languages and you can find them here.

II- EIGE’s toolkit on the occasion of the Gender Equality Index

EIGE – the European Institute for Gender Equality – has prepared a toolkit on the occasion of the launch of the Gender Equality Index. Find below all the material, which you could find useful:

  • EIGE’s game and see how Gender Equality Index data predicts how your life might look, depending on your gender and birth country
  • Watch EIGE’s video on Gender Equality
  • Read the Gender Equality Index 2019 report online
  • A special edition newsletter on Work-Life Balance (focusing on the eligibilities of parental leaves, informal care, flexible working arrangements, gender pay gap, etc.)

In 2020, the Gender Equality Index will have a special focus on digitalisation and the future of work. EIGE will also have translations of the Index 2019 country factsheets available to read online.

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