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10th International Conference in Salonica of ASPE, The Large Families Association in Greece

On 7-8th October, ASPE, the Supreme Confederation of Multi-child Parents of Greece organised its 10th international conference entitled: “The demographic collapse of Greece: an invisible genocide”.

Politicians from all the political parties of Greece, members of the Greek and the European Parliament, academics, scientists, researchers, writers and the Presidents of COFACE Families Europe and ELFAC gave a speech. The audience was made up of representatives of ASPE’s member organizations from all over the country as well as from Cyprus, University teachers and students, journalists and general public interested in the topic, more than 300 people in total. Many aspects of family policies were discussed in the light of their absence due to the fiscal crisis in Greece and the need to exclude family support measures from austerity packages, because the results are catastrophic in terms of their impact on the population in general, the families and the large/multi-child families more specifically. The former President of the Supreme Court of Greece, in his speech, explained in legal terms what it means for the family to be a legal good, giving families the weapon to stand in courts and challenge the austerity measures that don’t take into account the interests of families and the right to a decent life, especially when children are not taken into account, or the number is disregarded by the law makers.

President of COFACE Families Europe, Annemie Drieskens, gave a speech via video starting her address with the core vision of COFACE Families Europe to build “a family friendly society, advocating for all family forms in line with our values of pluralism and non-discrimination”.

Annemie Drieskens referred to the enthusiasm of COFACE Families Europe about the legislative proposal of the European Commission proposing a package of measures to help working parents and working carers, focusing on paternity leave, parental leave, carers leave, and flexible work arrangements.

COFACE Families Europe has been advocating for Work Life Balance for years, both at political and society levels, with its members including ASPE. She also stressed that “We welcome the life-course perspective taken in the approach of the Commission, in line with demographic realities of our shrinking and wrinkling population and with increasing numbers of three- and four-generation families. Working parents and adults with ageing parents, need access to Resources, Services and Time. We also welcome the objective of supporting more women into the labour market and supporting men in their family carer role to close the so called Care Gap. Work Life Balance and gender equality go hand in hand.”

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