We Stand Together(11)

FEAD – a funding programme striving to address diverse faces of poverty

The FEAD network has published a fifth thematic dossier, this time exploring how FEAD interventions strive to be inclusive, in order to effectively meet the needs of a diverse European population.

A number of Member States have tailored food aid interventions for children, for example, or for older people. Other Member States have dedicated their FEAD resources to ensuring that the ‘hardest-to-reach’ groups are still provided with social inclusion support, despite the possibility that they may not be registered with public administrative services. This includes newly arrived EU citizens and/or homeless people.

The diverse faces of poverty and their related needs across the EU are explored including how FEAD interventions strive to be inclusive at each stage of assistance. More specifically, there is an examination of inclusive identification and outreach, inclusive approaches to delivering food and material assistance, and on inclusive design and delivery of accompanying measures. Lastly, a number of key lessons for future interventions are presented.

See the thematic dossier here.

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