German family organisations meet Angela Merkel

On 26 February 2019 the presidents and chairmen of the five member associations of the Association of German Family Organisations (AGF) met for a constructive discussion with Federal Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel.

The dialogue focused on questions relating to support services for children and their families, the quality of child day care, the compatibility of family and career, and the care of relatives.

In the discussion, the family organisations emphasised the importance of families and the need to support them appropriately. They welcomed the steps taken in recent months, but regretted what they considered to be inadequate measures in the so-called Starke-Familien-Gesetz (Better support for families in need) and Gute-KiTa-Gesetz (Quality of daycare centres and childcare).

The organisations also welcomed the agreement on the EU worklife balance directive, as well as the other measures of the European Commission package published in April 2017, stressing the need for more attention to reconciling care and work. They advocated for an effective carers leave that would give carers the opportunity to retire from their careers and receive financial compensation.

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