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Latest data on gender equality in Europe: spotlight on work-life balance and parental leaves

On 15th October, the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) presented the results of its Gender Equality Index 2019 which focuses exceptionally this year on Work-Life Balance. For EIGE’s 2019 Index, please click here.

The Index offers European comparison and examples of good practices, and gives visibility to areas that need improvement. The report unveiled in October underlines that the EU continues at snail’s pace when it comes to gender equality progress, showing that the EU’s score for gender equality is up just one point to 67.4, since the 2017 edition.

The Index contains this year a Work-Life Balance scoreboard presenting the situation in EU countries by indicators in six domains: parental leaves; access to affordable and good quality childcare services; informal care for older adults or people with disabilities, as well as LTC services; transport and public infrastructure; flexible working arrangements; and lifelong learning.

You can find more information here and a useful PowerPoint presentation summarising some key trends in relation to parental leave, childcare, informal care and more.

The EIGE report also provides country-specific fiches of the Gender Equality Index, so one can see how their country performs in all the Gender Equality areas and in the thematic focus on Work-Life Balance. Please click here to access to the fiches.

Annemie Drieskens, COFACE President, participated in the conference which launched the EIGE report, namely on the panel on Parental Leave where she brought COFACE’s expertise on Work-Life Balance, and advocated for co-responsibility, adequate payment of parental leave and stimuli for men’s uptake of leaves and introduced COFACE’s priorities for 2020-2024 “A New Deal for Families of today”.

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