NELFA launches campaign to highlight ongoing discrimination of children from LGBTIQ* families

Many rainbow families in the European Union have problems in cross-border situations: denied or only partial transcriptions of certificates, loss of familial ties and therefore a loss of benefits (and obligations) in the new country of residence. 15 years after the freedom-of-movement Directive, LGBTIQ* parents and their children still face discrimination and NELFA, Network of European LGBTIQ* Families Associations, steadily raises awareness of this inequality.

The COFACE Families Europe member just started a campaign with the ALL OUT platform and will launch several cases of rainbow families in cross-border struggles in the upcoming weeks. The first aim of these individual campaigns is to urge the Member State authorities concerned to take action. Finally, the campaign has the goal to deliver petition signatures to the EU institutions.

The first family case is an Irish-Polish lesbian couple whose daughter Sofia remains stateless because the States concerned don’t give her citizenship. Although the right to a nationality is enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights under articles 15, Baby Sofia still remains stateless after one and a half years.

This means that Sofia is illegal, with no photo ID, she can’t access any public services, and is unable to travel anywhere with a hard border. The family is currently living in Spain, although since her birth they would like to go back home to Ireland which is impossible without a passport for Sofia.

For more information, read the press release #GetSofiaHome which pleads the Irish government to bring the family home for Christmas.

You can read the full story of baby Sofia here & you can sign and share the campaign here.

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