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9.5 million part-time workers in the EU would prefer to work more – Eurostat

Among the population aged 15 to 74 in the European Union, 224 million were employed in 2016, 21 million were unemployed and 135 million were economically inactive. Around 8 in every 10 of those employed in the EU worked full-time and 2 in 10 part-time. Among these 45.3 million people working part-time, 9.5 million were underemployed, meaning they wished to work more hours and were available to do so. This corresponds to 20.9% of all part-time workers and 4.2% of total employment in the EU in 2016. Two thirds of these underemployed part-time workers were women (65%). The largest share of underemployed part-time workers in Greece, the lowest in the Czech Republic. Read more here.

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