Do you want to get even more information? Even beyond practicalities? For those reasons, we created a resource page with many interesting links and facts on how the EU works and what it does for you. Find an answer to your burning questions here.

Or simply start with our quiz below:


a)    Which country votes for two consecutive days?
b)    Which is the only country to offer E-voting?
c)    Which 4 countries don’t allow voting from abroad?
d)    In which 5 countries is voting compulsory?
e)    Which country had the lowest turnout in the last elections?
f)    Which country had the highest turnout (excluding the ones with compulsory voting)?
g)    Which country has the most female representatives?
h)    Which country is the first to vote, namely on 23 May?
i)    Which country votes for European and federal elections at the same time?
j)    How much does the average EU citizen pay per year towards the EU? €93, €236, €187, €306?
k)    How often are European elections held?
l)    Which country has the most MEPs?
m)    How is a political group formed? (how many MEPs from how many countries)
n)    How is the president of the European Parliament elected?
o) What is the average age of a MEP?
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