Coface Familieseurope Recommendations Pillar

Recommendations for the Pillar

Recommendations for the future European Pillar of Social Rights: A compass for a renewed social agenda for all families in Europe

COFACE Families Europe invites you to consider its recommendations on how to make the proposed European Pillar of Social Rights a useful social policy framework for all families in Europe. In these recommendations, we focus on:

1-Building a solid architecture for the future European Pillar of Social Rights, ensuring access to social rights for all by addressing some key gaps, making links with EU funding instruments, ensuring horizontal coherence with other EU policies, and reinforcing the role of European NGOs in implementing the pillar.

2-Ensuring the Pillar principles can build long-term goals for Europe, with a focus on six principles (skills, gender equality and work-life balance, long-term care, childcare, disability, access to essential services) which we consider priority areas for building relevant EU legislative and non-legislative measures in favour of Europe’s families.

The recommendations build on the consultation we carried out with our broad membership and the outcomes of the reflection seminar we co-organised with the European Economic and Social Committee in September 2016. We invite the European Commission to consolidate our recommendations in relation to these principles in the Pillar package to be published early next year. See full text of the recommendations here

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