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The difficulties of reconciling self-employment and family life, by Ligue des Familles Belgium

Many self-employed parents have difficulties to reconcile work and family life. Ligue des Familles in Belgium recently launched a survey in order to gather precise information on the kind of difficulties families face, and to elaborate concrete proposals. There were questions such as: What are the needs of entrepreneurs today? Is the model of a self-employed person working 60 hours a week without seeing the children growing up, still worth it? Between parental support schemes (such as parental leave) and lower contributions, what do they prefer? The results of the survey will be available on November 15th on their website.

Three important findings pushed Ligue des Familles to defend the interest of self-employed parents:

  1. Going towards more equality between all families, regardless of the parents’ professional status.
  2. Strengthen equality between men and women. In addition to recognising the rights of fathers, the paternity leave also responds to an evolution of traditional gender roles. Providing time for fathers to take care of their children is also allowing women to invest in their professional careers. Poor sharing of family and household tasks directly penalizes women’s careers. As a matter of fact, only one third of self-employed workers are women.
  3. Better prevent parental or professional burnout. Parental leave can prevent burnout in times of high stress such as the birth or illness of a child.

These points are in line with our #IwantWorkLifeBalance campaign. In this regard, Ligue des Familles has also been very active at European level supporting and actively promoting the #IwantWorkLifeBalance campaign (link interview radio RTBF #IwantWorkLifeBalance)

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