Response to COFACE Families Europe Letter from European Council President Charles Michel

COFACE Families Europe issued an open letter to Presidents of the EU Council, Commission and Parliament calling for mobilization of current and upcoming EU Funds to support families and carers who are suffering the consequences of this COVID-19 pandemic and need immediate support.

The response to COFACE from the Cabinet of Charles Michel, European Council President, indicates that he “remains committed to support families, carers and vulnerable groups through the European budget as a key element for the socio-economic recovery.”

The letter highlights different initiatives taken by the EU to address the social and economic impact of COVID-19, such as the Joint European Roadmap towards lifting COVID-19 containment measures, presented on 15th April, which draws specific attention to vulnerable groups and their carers. Furthermore, the letter refers to the fact the social dimension and well-being of all citizens is highlighted as a priority now more than ever, with new budget proposals to redirect European Social Fund Plus money to youth employment and tackling child poverty.

The letter also mentions the Corona Response Investment Initiatives (CRII and CRII+). We underline however that it is essential that CRII and CRII+ funding are mobilised to reach not only SMEs , but also the social services families and carers need daily, and especially the non-profit services, based in the community, which have kept supporting families throughout this health, social and economic crisis.

See full letter here.

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