Right to energy coalition Elections Manifesto and June Conference

“Our energy system is wasteful, polluting and unfair. Due to high costs, low incomes and low-quality homes, millions of Europeans cannot adequately heat or cool their homes. Energy poverty impacts the most vulnerable first: the elderly, children, people living with chronic disease, and single-parent households (80% of them headed by women).” This is part of the incipit of the Right to Energy Coalition Manifesto for the European Elections.

The Manifesto calls the candidates to the European Elections of 23-26 May to act on energy poverty, to enforce the right to clean, affordable energy and decent housing for all, cut emissions, and create quality local jobs at the same time.

The Right to Energy Coalition was formed in 2017 by European trade unions, social, anti-poverty and environmental civil society organisations, including COFACE Families Europe, with the objective of collaborating on the issue of energy poverty.

In order to discuss new proposals on climate change and social injustice the coalition is organising a Forum in Brussels on the 19-20 June. The Forum will be an opportunity to meet activists, trade unionists, campaigners, and people from all over Europe who work on energy poverty, energy democracy, community energy, and a socially-fair energy transition. The forum will include workshops, conferences, an action and two plenaries for collective reflection and strategising. It will be a place to share experiences and practical skills, showcase stories, discuss challenging questions and plan next steps to grow the movement.

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