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State of the European Union 2017

Every year in September, the President of the European Commission delivers his State of the Union Address before the European Parliament, taking stock of achievements of the past year and presenting priorities for the year ahead. The President also sets out how the Commission will address the most pressing challenges the European Union is facing. The speech is followed by a plenary debate. This kick-starts the dialogue with the European Parliament and Council to prepare the Commission Work Programme for the following year.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker delivered his 2017 State of the Union Address on 13 September, presenting his priorities for the year ahead and outlining his vision for how the European Union could evolve by 2025. He mentioned in particular the European Pillar of Social Rights in his speech: ”if we want to avoid social fragmentation and social dumping in Europe, then Member States should agree on the European Pillar of Social Rights as soon as possible and at the latest at the Gothenburg summit in November. National social systems will still remain diverse and separate for a long time. But at the very least, we should agree on a European Social Standards Union in which we have a common understanding of what is socially fair in our single market. I remain convinced: Europe cannot work if it shuns workers”.

More information on the State of the Union 2017 webpage

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